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Red History Museum Svetog Kri┼ża 3 20000 Dubrovnik
Phone +385976807625


Opening hours

Monday 09:00 - 22:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 22:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 22:00
Thursday 09:00 - 22:00
Friday 09:00 - 22:00
Saturday 09:00 - 22:00
Sunday 09:00 - 22:00


Adults 50.00 HRK
Children Free

Red History Museum

Red History Museum is a unique interactive experience of everyday life in communist Yugoslavia - a very different time in Croatian history. Using new and old technologies, visitors can now explore and experience what it was like under the Yugoslav regime.

Dive into the art, design, politics, secret agencies and the way of the Non-Aligned. Listen to the greatest hits of the time, witness history coming to life and learn the real life stories of people living under the watchful eye of the Communist party.

Red History Museum is located within an old socialist factory, which itself is a rare example of the socialist industrial architecture in Dubrovnik.

Exhibitions and events

Life in Yugoslavia

Life in Yugoslavia

  • Permanent exhibition

Designed as an interactive educational playground for all ages, this exhibit aims to make history interesting to all visitors. By exploring various elements of Yugoslav... More