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Museum Documentation Centre Ilica 44 10000 Zagreb
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Museum Documentation Centre

The Museum Documentation Centre is a public institution founded in 1955 as the documentation, information and communication node of the Croatian museum network.

Through its basic activity -  documentation, information, advisory, museological, research, educational, publication, library and exhibition activities – MDC participates in the development of the Croatian and international museum community.

MDC promotes:

- the preservation of knowledge about the history of museums and galleries in Croatia

- the gathering and dissemination of data and information about museums

- the promotion of museum activities and the achievements of museums in the community at large

- the promotion and development of the museum profession

- the founding of new museums

- the elaboration and proposal of museum laws and regulations

- the dissemination of information concerning museums through the publication of professional journals and publications

- the promotion of professional standards and the development of the museum profession through the creation of programmes of professional training and permanent education

- free access to information and holdings

- computerisation and the implementation of new technologies

- the cooperation of Croatian museums with national and international heritage institutions.

Today in Croatia there are some 281 museums, galleries, museum collections; 171 church collections, as well as a large number of private collections that hold 7,628,935 objects. They employ more than 1000 professional workers, curators, documentation workers, computer experts, educators, preparation and restoration workers, librarians and archivists that collect, professionally and scientifically process, preserve, present and communicate information about the museum holdings considered as a segment of the Croatian and world cultural heritage.